It's only a date; not the rest of your life.

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Here's What They Say

"Dee gave us good practical advice. It was very reality based and she offered doable goals. She has great energy and her topic was perfect for our group."
~Denise Gillian-Norgard, Merrill Lynch

"I loved how Dee was entertaining as well as educational. It is obvious that she truly loves what she talks about. It would not be possible to make the event any better!!"
~Inna Saunders, Trophy Club Women’s Council

"Thank you for the interesting and fun presentation at our recent membership meeting. You gave us great advice and your talk was thought-provoking."
~Aubra Wilson, President, Junior League of Fort Worth

"You are a wonderful life coach! Steve has asked 3 women out over the past couple of months. He made the decision that he didn't have enough in common with 2 of the women but has remained friends with them. The verdict is still out for the third woman. Your fee was worth every dime. Thank You."
~Cindy Barrows

"Dee’s personal stories hit the mark and made this “more real advice.” She has a dynamic attitude and it’s very contagious. "
~Taryn Calli, Accountable Business Service

"Dee has great energy and information. We had fun and got some great ideas how to attract what we want. The handout was wonderful because it gave some lines to follow and to remember to create the life we love."
~Sharon Richardson, Merck & Company

"Dee reminded me how powerful I really am and that I attract exactly what I ask for and think about in life. I really did understand how I could use the information you gave our group in a variety of situation in life."
~Debbie Hoover, Back On Track Solutions

"Wow, your talk opened my thinking to the possibilities and potential available to me. I will start living my life fully and make a conscious effort to change (I am fearless)!!!"
~Elizabeth Brown – Armstrong Office Concepts

"Dee really reaffirmed some actions I have been working. Very timely topic and I really liked the humor and excitement she has in the delivery of her message. Thank you."
~Alison Smith, Cerion

"Your dating seminar was terrific. Just remember you owe me a dance, and I love your book, I will be recommending it to my friends. And keep on the watch for me, any of your friends, looking for a nice guy, who loves to dance, loves musicals and loves to communicate, let me know."
~T. B.

"The class last night was such an insightful and thought provoking experience for me. I appreciated your insight and totally honest approach to each individual. You really listen and make some wonderful suggestions. I can hardly wait to read your book. I will order it early to allow an autographed copy for my library. I am sure this new book will be a great seller. You will be my inspiration to set boundaries and look for only the fun things to do that I personally enjoy. How Exciting and New!"

"I had a wonderful time with you yesterday! I can't wait to put into practice some of the things I learned."
~Anne K Genschaw
"Very inspirational, given on a personal level making it easier to understand and relate to."
~Jennifer Wyse, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

"Dee is very humorous and gives great information. Very thought provoking and inspiring."
~Laurie Waldrum, LQ Management LLC

"Great Energy and enthusiasm --a light at the end of the tunnel!!"
~Georgann Snyder, Lockheed Martin Aeronautical

"Having Dee, the Dating Diva, for our monthly guest speaker was a real treat and blessing. Dee shared inspirational stories and the "do's and don'ts" of dating whether you are single or dating your spouse!"
~Lynda Bayliss, ABWA The Colony Chapter President

"I will remember that "It's Just a Date" Thanks for your encouragement."
~Nancy Kariel

"I thought, initially, that I might not hear anything I hadn’t heard or read before, so I was skeptical at best, but willing. I know I have grown as a person. I notice a self-confidence about me and a lack of uneasiness about what to do, which, before, has kept me from meeting others. I keep smiling, no matter what, and the biggest change is that I’m making eye contact and seeing positive reactions. That sounds pretty simple to some, but for me, it’s such an improvement."
~-Susan workshop attendee

"You were masterful at coaching and giving situations we could all understand. I learned from you how to incorporate the audience. Your talk took about 30 minutes, but the interaction was so valuable and we all stayed to learn more. The greatest gift is the getting to know each other in the group. It will be more fun to attend the functions now - we lightened up, I believe. Terrific job."
~Nancy Kariel

"I found your presentation to have some very helpful hints in reference to making changes to get a different (hopefully positive) response from others. I am told I need to smile more and have been told that I am unapproachable/aloof. My goal is to smile more and try to project more the well being and contentment I feel inside. I tend to be an introvert. I would like to be more of an extrovert."
~Linda Adair

"I have been single for 13 years and I have spent most of that time placing more value on the other person than myself. I need to say "No" when that is what I mean."
~Margie Mana

"Dee was so down to earth in her presentation and had really good basic sound advice and it made me feel very positive about putting some of those things into practice, especially flirting."
~Elizabeth Kowalski

"Dee's class was great, and I'm now enjoying the benefits! These range from helpful insights into human nature to numerous practical suggestions about successful dating. Dee also took time to give caring and thoughtful answers to specific questions asked by people who attended the class. And it was a lot of fun!"
~Tim W.

"Very enjoyable. The workshop really helped me come out with a fresher, more fun-loving approach to dating. I'm having lots of fun dates!"
~Art H., workshop attendee

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar I love being single but still want to have someone to "share the couch with on occasion" and was very validated in my thinking that it’s OK to have friends and enjoying life without getting serious unless you want to move to that level. I dated but once I got serious with someone I didn’t know how to break up with them and ended up being married twice and on my second divorce at 31 years old. I have come to realize with your help also that there is nothing wrong with just dating until I am ready to commit. thank you"
~Michelle, workshop attendee

"I learned from Dee that change is necessary to acquire what I want if I am not satisfied now."
~Adele Brautigam, Ft. Worth

" It was very encouraging for me and confirmation that I am already taking some steps to move on and I did gain some new insight and perspective."
~Rhonda English

"I am of the retirement age, raised in a nera when good little girls were raised to please others. The value in your speech lies in the hope that now I can find my way to myself."
~Susan Cochrane

" Thank you for inspiring me to continue improving my image. To keep attracting for both the business world and for my husband."
~Linda Norwood, Watauga, TX

" I received value on how to stay open to potential relationships and look at each new relationship with open eyes."
~Verdie Henderson

"Get out and live and not let your past change your future."
~Sunny Alaniz

" Live the life that you love and you will find the love of your life and always smile when I walk in the room."
~Tamasha Grant