It's only a date; not the rest of your life.

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About the Book

Most dating books on the market focus on “if you do these things, you will find your ultimate relationship and soul mate.” Dating 101: The Second, Third or Fourth Time Around is about having a “stunning” relationship with yourself. It redefines the dating adventure and experience of being single again – or still – after the age of forty-five. It’s about dating and relating to other singles and enjoying life.

If you are single and ready to get back out there, this is the only book you’ll need. If you know someone who is ready to start dating, this is the best gift you can give them. This book is needed because. . .

  • there is no shame in being single
  • to make people realize IT'S ONLY A DATE . . NOT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
  • there are more single Americans now than ever before
  • over 40% of Americans who are 45 or older are single
  • there are more players on the field than ever before

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"I truly enjoyed your book 'Dating 101'.  I found it to be timely, not having dated in some years and I am in a HUGE life change so this is the perfect time!!!  It was also reassuring to have the reminder that...It's only a date and to just have fun!!! In my rush to reach the moon, I sometimes miss the beautiful smelling roses at my feet, friends to be made, or just the feel of the sun on my body.   Your gift will be read many times over.  I especially liked the quote by Nelson Mandela--Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.   Also, the layout and design is creative and catching!"

Charity Wilson

"After twenty-eight years of marriage, I was clueless about how to introduce myself as a newly single woman. I was afraid of the unknown and when I asked the few acquaintances I had who were also divorced, I soon discovered that most of them were scared, stuck, and clueless, too! Not only did Dee give me hope that I really could live happily as a single woman, she gave me tons of support as I looked at all my choices and specific “how tos” as the “what ifs” occurred to me. I can’t thank Dee enough for the information and inspiration she gave me during a very difficult time in my life."
—Julie Overholt, professional certified coach

"Dating 101 is a delightful book filled with practical tips that are needed when one finds one’s self thrust into the single world. It treats the experience of dating with warmth, love, and discovery. Her book takes being single back into basic relating from the heart. Fear of dating dissolves as the reader connects with the real, spontaneous, and authentic part of himself or herself. Definitely this book is a must read for anyone who wants to “lighten up” and play."
—Barbara Graham, PhD, spiritual psychologist and author of Healing Sacred Wounds: Forgiving from the Heart of Compassion; Journey to Forgiveness and A Transpersonal Manual on Forgiveness

"Floundering in the single world can be difficult. I guess I thought I knew the rules of dating, until I was directed to the Diva's Dating book. The clarity, clear cut and simple suggestions simply make sense to any person who has been cast into the scary world of singles dating. I learned a lot, especially about myself! I recommend DATING 101 to any one. Try it, you will enjoy."
—Greg Oliver, President, Renaissance Leadership Services

"Enjoyed it. Learned a lot of general things most people forget about in the everyday life styles. I appreciate the dating clues but more importantly the things I should have remembered but forgot to use in my everyday life. Again the book was great.

"Dee Frazier truly is “The Dating Diva”! Her wisdom, attitude, and sense of humor in her book have helped me “lighten up” while reentering the single world after my divorce! Thanks to Dee, for the first time in my adult life, I am having so much fun dating again!"
—Laura Lewis, CCN, author of 52 Ways to Live a Long and Healthy Life