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A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

“My mother use to say, "A Leopard never changes it spots" to mean that people do not change. I use to think this was true. However, now I realize that this isn't true at all. People change all the time. We can't help but to change through our life experiences. Now if someone makes a choice not to change, that is another story; they might want their spots to stay the same. But how sad not to grow into the full potential of whom we are.

Not to change means we don't grow or develop or mature; we simply remain stagnant. One of the saddest things I ever heard was said by a young woman I had in a training class; she said, "I am never going to change. I am always going to be the way I am right now." Thankfully, she was young enough not to realize how absurd her statement was. How many of us say that to ourselves without even realizing it? We dig our heels in and resist change at all cost because we want to stay the same. It seems safe and secure to stay the same and to never get outside of our comfort zone.

Safe is not always the best way to live our lives. There are times when we need to get out of our protective shells and explore and discover - not just what is in the world but what is within us.

It saddens me when someone says to me, "Well you used to like this or that or you used to do this or that." It means that they are still viewing me in the past and that they are still living in the past. Just because we liked something yesterday does not have to mean we like it today. Allow yourself to grow and change and develop new interests and hobbies and give others that freedom.

And don't believe it when people say they can't change, that this is the way they are. Not true. Changing and staying the same are choices.

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